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How long will the color last?

TouchBack Plus Color Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner are temporary hair color. The color will diminish after 3 washings.

How often can I use the color products?

Use them as often as you like to add back color to your hair. When you have reached the shade you desire, you can use the Clear Shampoo and Conditioners to maintain and protect your color.

When should I use the Leave-In Conditioner?

Use the Color Leave-In Conditioner to add color instantly without showering. Just apply to dry hair, style and you're ready to go. No rinsing required. Use the Clear Leave-In Conditioner when you don't need to add color but want to protect and maintain your hair color.

Will it cover gray hair?

The TouchBack Plus Shampoos and Conditioners will tone down gray roots and stray grays. The TouchBack marker will cover gray roots completely.

Will it lighten dark hair?

No. TouchBack Plus cannot make dark hair lighter. It can make light hair darker.

Does it contain harsh chemicals?

No. TouchBack Plus is ammonia, peroxide and sulfate-free, and uses only temporary hair colors without harsh chemicals.

Can it be used on eyebrows?

TouchBack Plus is classified as a temporary hair color and, therefore, carries customary warnings against use around the eyes. For eyebrows, TouchBack BrowMarker is available in 5 shades. The patented formula lasts all day and won't rub off.

Does perspiration affect it?

Perspiration does not affect TouchBack Plus color.

Does it stain the skin?

Wash hands and rinse bottle after use.

Does it stain fabrics?

TouchBack Plus is made with real hair color and can stain fabrics and bathroom surfaces.

What is the policy on animal testing?

TouchBack does not test on animals, and does not use any animal-based ingredients.

What are the ingredients in TouchBack Plus?