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"Q: My color always fades too soon after I go to the salon. How can I stretch my time between visits?"
"A: Switch from a color-protecting to a color-enhancing shampoo, which deposits a tint — creating richness and depth. TouchBack's formula has antioxidants that help prevent fading."

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Whitney Port's Redhead Revival

"Reality star turned fashion designer Whitney Port has never been afraid to experiment with her look. So when she showed up at an L.A. shopping event transformed from blonde to redhead, no one was shocked — but everyone took notice. Suddenly it seemed everyone in Hollywood decided they'd be better off red, with Drew Barrymore, Blake Lively and Emma Stone following suit. To achieve — and maintain (that's the hardest part of being a not-so-natural redhead) — Whitney's lovely shade of auburn, change your hue with a permanent, all over coloring system then use a color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week... like TouchBack Plus Color Shampoo and Conditioner in Light Auburn."

This Works: TouchBack Plus Shampoo and Conditioner

"If ever there were a reason to skip that next hair color appointment, this may be it. TouchBack Plus is a line of shampoos and conditioners designed to deliver… instant color renewal to your locks. Naturally, this means TouchBack Plus saves both time and money — valuable commodities that all of us obviously value dearly."

Ladies' Home Journal Ladies' Home Journal

Ladies' Home Journal

I'm Brunette And I Want To…
Get Rid of Brassiness

"Try TouchBack Plus color depositing shampoo."

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7 Beauty Solutions For Your Insane Schedule

"Gray roots … and a line up of social events. Try TouchBack Plus Color System a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment spiked with temporary dye to boost color and tone down gray."


Fast Hair Fixes for Guys

"Girls dig a little salt and pepper. But if grays are bothering you, camouflage them with an at-home remedy, like TouchBack Plus Leave-In Conditioner. The leave-in foam (it comes in eight shades) goes on dry hair without a whole lot of effort, instantly tinting strands for up to three shampoos."

American Salon American Salon

American Salon

Bright Spots

"Keeping salon hair color looking brilliant is at the top of every client's wish list. TouchBack Plus Non-Stop Color System ... refreshes color, protects against fading and tones down gray between hair color services."

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For Women of a Certain Age

"If you are on the fence about going totally gray, touch up ... with a temporary product that provides great coverage. TouchBack Plus Instant Color Renewal Conditioner, TouchBack Temporary Hair Color Marker."

Gray, Gray Go Away

"For easy maintenance, the TouchBack Plus line of color depositing shampoos and conditioners help professional color go the distance. The wash-in tone adheres to roots and stray grays (to tone down white) for up to three washes."

The Beauty Industry Report The Beauty Industry Report

The Beauty Industry Report

TouchBack Keeps Hair Color Perfect Between Colorings

"Permanent hair color is not permanent — color fades every time hair is washed or exposed to the sun. TouchBack Plus Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner makes it easy to keep color looking fresh, shiny and hydrated without using harsh chemicals. The temporary color lasts for 3 shampoos and solves the problem of faded color by adding back temporary color between permanent colorings."

Best Leave-In Hair Conditioners for Winter

"Suffering from a bad hair day — everyday? Your hair may need a pick-me-up to restore it back to its former glossy glory. TouchBack Plus Color Leave-In Conditioner … Fabulous non-stop color product that enhances your colored hair (I chose Dark Auburn). Contains UVA/B sunscreens and repairs damaged hair while adding optimum shine and fade protection."